I honestly have no idea if this is going to work or not, but I'm making this section anyway in hopes that I will start posting stuff here. Some ideas for what I would like to post up here would be logs from Parkour/Freerunning Jams, Anime Conventions, anywhere I travel to, reviews (Anime, game, etc...). Maybe a rant or two as well if I think it'd be worth writing up.

December 19th, 2010
Back in Action for 2011
Now that it's gotten cold outside again (Windchill pushing the temps into negatives some times), I'm back to regular gym training, which means it's time to make up for the past 16 or so months. I've gotten more into breaking as the year has progressed, and found some Trickers that actually train nearby, so I've added both Tricking and Breaking into my training routine as well as Freerunning. If I can get some footage from a small video I was in from July or so, I plan to edit together a quick "Where the hell has Cody been?" video to sort of fill in the gap of videos from 2010, after that it'll be all new gym footage, or possibly just a video from the Sanjuu tour starting in Flordia next month. There are a few videos I added to the "Videos I'm in" playlist on my YouTube channel.

December 19th, 2010
2009/2010 Recap
Been a while since I posted here, let's see what I can recall since the last update. The main page post more or less covered the jams through July, following that I spent 2 weeks in Colorado hitting up the COPK Jam and training with friends in the area. I got a good chance to hit up quite a few spots I hadn't been to the year before. After that I can only particularly recall a madison jam, which was when I really started to take notice of the back pains. While there, my friends kept mentioning a con in Denver in September that they went to, next month in September I went back for NDK (Nan Desu Kon), which was a really awesome con I definitly plan on going back to. Throughout 2010 I only attended 3 big jams, (B)East Coast, Chicago Colossal, and PIMI, pretty much one for each season. I still went to a good amount of cons though, finally made it out to Ohayocon, which was great, Anime Punch, ACen (as usual), Youmacon, and the new Illinois con, Kollision Con (Great for a 1st year con). Towards the end of 2009 I started experimenting with breakdancing as much as my back would allow, mid to late 2010 I started getting back into that more and actually focusing on that more. Other than that, 2009-2010 more or less consisted of a lot of gaming, primarily Maple Story, Modern Warfare 2, and Halo Reach. For anyone that plays Maple, my characters are in Bello, a level 178 DualBlader KamiNoKusari, 171 Bishop KamiNoKenko, 169 Aran KamiNoYuki, and a 153 Shadower KamiNoKurai. I've more or less quit since the big bang patch butchered the game, but any videos I made or may make in the future can be found on this YouTube channel.

April 17th, 2009
Recent Stuff Continued
Well, I originally intended on simply adding on to the last one the next day until I had touched on all of the topics I originally intended to, but since it's been about a week and some of them have changed a little, I figured I'd just make a second post.

Finally, good weather
After the temperature was horribly inconsistent for a month or two, it finally seems to be stabilizing at around 50-60. Hopefully we won't have it plummeting back down to 20 again any time soon. With the nice, near 70 degree weather we had yesterday, I finally got a chance to some basic tricking in my back yard. Decided to try barefoot as well to try to strengthen up my feet a little, they could definitely use it. Basically just did a bunch of round off back flips/hand springs. Front tucks, double legs, and j-step gainers. Fun stuff, probably would have been a little better with more than 3 hours of sleep the night before though. Might get a little more in today if I can find the time, it was definitely a nice change in training methods for me.

April 9th, 2009
Recent Stuff
Figured I might as well add something to this since I had a little bit of time to kill and some stuff to mention.

APK's Practical Parkour contest
APK (American Parkour), recently announced a contest they're holding called the Practical Parkour Contest. The premises of it is simple, create a 20 second long video showing practical application of Parkour. After that, it gets uploaded to their YouTube page, from there the video with the most views wins the contest.

I was planning on filming something at Harper, but while we were doing a little bit of last minute training towards the end of the Indiana jam, someone said something about the contest. So I grabbed my camera and filmed a few quick scenes. Now the video is up for two weeks on the APK page competing for the most views.


Indiana's first big jam.
Indiana just held it's first big national jam the weekend before last. As their first big jam and the first national jam of the year for a lot of people, I'd say it was a great success. The location was West Lafayette, Indiana, specifically Purdue University. The traffic getting in was really bad for several miles of I-65, but we were able to entertain ourselves for a little while, until we eventually pulled a U-Turn and took a different route. Speeding and crazy driving stories aside, we eventually made it to the town with enough daylight left to spare for a little bit of training and a sample of the University's Campus before calling it a night and heading to wherever we were going to sleep. Thanks to John "NoRush" Conway, we were able to stay at a nice Cabin not terribly far from West Lafayette. The next morning we all made our way back to the Campus, we arrived a little late, and pretty much just trained in a small group until we met up with the others later. After a misunderstanding with Campus police got us essentially kicked off the campus, we had a short lunch, following which, the problem was resolved and we all met up by a large tree which was rather fun to play on. The large group then split up three ways, beginners, flips, and general Parkour training. We followed the Parkour group and ended up at a fun spot with some rails and walls to use. After a while here, it started to rain a bit, but we kept training any way. We moved on to another spot with a very large cat leap which only a few people got (Those that didn't were the most fun to watch though). After the rain intensified once again, we finally decided to all meet up again in a parking garage. Inside the parking garage, Aladin brought his truck with some new contraptions he had just built into it. This included a small rail to underbar through coming out of the back of the truck bed, and a piece of plywood going over the side for tick tacs and whatnot. Had there not been the low parking garage ceiling, I think we could have had a little more fun with it. Some people played a large game of tag, some used some small precision bars for practice, and the group I was with got a game of PDQ "Pretty Damn Quick" together. Eventually the rain subsided a little and some people went out training again, soon after we all left again to go do whatever, my group chose to eat and then head back to the Cabin. The following morning the much smaller group of people that decided to brave the weather and see what else the jam had to offer headed back to the Campus to continue the jam. It was not raining at the time, but it was much colder and stuff was still wet from the rain the night before. Everyone that was still there met inside of the Indoor Track and Field area this time. In here we found a large blue mat that we flipped onto and ran into for a while. I found a kong to precision that I spent a little time on, and then we all moved down to the lower level. Eventually we started playing a large game of PDQ which lasted until most of the others had left. From there, the small group of Traceurs remaining left (Almost all from Illinois), we figured we should get some food and then head out. Did I mention it snowed while we were inside? None of it stayed on the ground though, and it was actually fairly dry by the time we finished eating. The parking garage itself had some fun stuff to do, so we actually got a small bit of training in at the garage right before we left. After 40 minutes or so of driving, we ran into the same traffic we had before, but this time we had a little bit more fun with it. I'll just let the videos do the talking for that one...

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